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Since Yesterday

The Unsung Women Pioneers of Scottish Pop

A live event celebrating the music of woman-fronted Scottish bands and the new generation of musicians who are challenging the gender balance.

With Sacred Paws, Bossy Love, and The Van T's, and a special performance from the Since Yesterday Supergroup playing the music of Strawberry Switchblade, Ettes, Sophisticated Boom Boom, The McKinley's and more

When Scotland’s music scene exploded out of the underground and in to the mainstream in the early 80s, groups were usually all male. But a number of female Scottish bands, spearheaded by Ettes and Strawberry Switchblade were already gaining cult status. A new documentary by musician Carla J. Easton and filmmaker Blair Young will chart the history of those women who broke the mould in Scotland, from the early girl group sound of the 60s, through 80s’ post punk new wave and the 90s Riot Grrl movement, and their struggle to gain recognition in an era where the norm was, and still is, for groups to be predominantly male. 

This is a live event celebrating the music of those bands, and the new generation of musicians who are challenging the gender balance. Expect exclusive documentary clips and a supergroup of Scotland's best musicians, featuring Vicki Cole on bass, Carla J. Easton on keys, Kate Lazda and Stacey Sievwright on guitar, and Lesley McLaren on drums, playing the music of the bands being featured with guest appearances from some of the original members, including:

  • Rose McDowall of Strawberry Switchblade
  • Patricia ‘Trash’ Brown and Anne Morrison of Ettes
  • Jane McKeown of Lungleg
  • Jeanette McKinley of The McKinleys
  • Rachel and Gaye Bell of The Twinsets 
  • and Louise Rutkowski of Sunset Gun 
  • with support from Adele Bethel of Sons and Daughters and Emma Pollock of The Delgados playing the music of cult favourites Sophisticated Boom Boom and His Latest Flame

Also taking the stage will be a new wave of woman-fronted bands, with sets by Sacred Paws, Bossy Love and The Van T's, across a riotous night of music, distortion, sweet harmonies, glossy pop and celebration of sisterhood. 

Timings as follows:  

Doors Open 7.00 pm   
The Van T's 7.30 pm    
Sacred Paws 8.20 pm
Since Yesterday house and & special guests 9.20 pm
Bossy Love 10.45 pm

The concert will finish by approximately 12.00 am. Please note these times are approximate and subject to change.

Over 18s only
Doors open
7.00 pm

Carla J. Easton
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Vicki Cole
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Lesley McLaren

Rose McDowall
Website | Facebook

Louise Rutkowski
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Emma Pollock
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Adele Bethel
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Sacred Paws
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Bossy Love
Website | Twitter | SoundCloud

The Van T's
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24 August 2018

This event was part of a previous International Festival and is therefore unavailable to book or watch. The 2021 programme will be announced in June.

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